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Arleene McFarlane
Professional French to English translator

I'm a French to English translator based in France, and for almost 10 years, I've been helping my clients to communicate effectively with their clients through compelling content.

Why Should You Hire Me?

For me, translation isn't just a job; it's a passion. I enjoy helping others achieve their business goals with high-quality translations that correctly transfer nuances from one language to another in order to achieve smooth communication and avoid misunderstandings. When I'm finished with a translation, your English-speaking reader won't even know it's been translated.

Working with Me
In addition to outstanding French translation skills, there are four qualities that set me apart:
  1. Your deadlines are sacred. I pride myself on providing a fast turnaround of all your international development, business and legal translations.

  2. I have high professional and personal standards, backed by the ethical codes of the translation organisations to which I belong. I'm a member of the Societé Française des Traducteurs, which means I've signed up to a professional code of conduct that gives you another guarantee of great service.

  3. I am accessible by phone and email whenever you need to reach me and I respond quickly. I provide a solid, dependable and reliable personalised translation service for my clients.

  4. My translation service is flexible, reliable and backed by outstanding research skills that enable me to ensure that my translations meet your business goals.

My Qualifications
Professional development should be my middle name; it really should. I can't stop learning new things, so I have a fistful of French translation and other language qualifications, including postgraduate studies in Translation, Legal translation, Linguistics and Spanish.

Among the certificates in my desk drawer, I have a Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française (DALF), and I'll probably add more professional development activities to this before the year is out. If you stop learning, you stop growing, and the more I learn, the better the translation service I can give you.

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